I am a creative, trend-savvy graphic professional passionate about clean design, innovative typography, and distinctive imagery. I am a motivated problem-solver with experience in the fashion industry, where my unique style is visible on the T-shirt graphics I have designed for brands in the denim, streetwear, and sportswear markets. Related specialties include logo design, iconography, illustration, apparel trim and packaging design, surface design, technical specification, and advertising layout design.
I am a curious individual with an obsession for exploration, sketching, and a fascination with symbolism. Some of my early artistic influences included Afro-Caribbean music and culture, graffiti art, and hip-hop culture. I am also an admirer of propaganda art, especially the posters from OSPAAAL (the Organization of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa, and Latin America) because of their bold, impactful, and sometimes simplistic designs that contain powerful messages.
In my work, I strive to draw inspiration from all my creative influences to create meaningful, compelling, and thought-provoking imagery.